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Must listen
This is a very yummy podcast ha ha!

Love it!
Great insight, feedback, energy and I enjoy how you talk!

Keep it up!
The Be X Do podcast show is very enjoyable!!

Very Nice!
I love this podcast. Everybody should listen to it!

Started well
I really enjoyed the discussion in the last few episodes overall good.

Timeless teachings (Great podcast to listen to!)
I am so thankful and excited for this podcast! The content is timeless, practical and really fun to listen to. I listen (and re-listen) to these podcasts on my drives and it makes a big difference in my life. I'm always looking forward to the next episode being released! Truly thought-provoking and amazing material!

Great stuff
Sure in joyed your casts, I might be the older sister but I look up to you . Thanks your the greatest

This stuff is gold!
Maybe it just the times we live in but this is exactly the message i needed right now. You are a great communicator Malvin and your message certainly resonates with me. I look forward to the podcasts to come and wish you all of the very best. Thank you for reaching out to the world this way!!!

Thought provoking!
Malvin is so well spoken and is very easy to listen to. The content of his pod casts are educational and inspiring. I am using the pod casts as a support in achieving my health goals !!

Such great insight! Makes you stop and think about how you perceive things and Malvin shares some great stories along the way.. I look forward to learning more behind the success of using this formula. This is definitely one you want to subscribe to!

Great advice on how to manage money responsibly. Great ways to deal with stress of finances and the best strategies to have financial gain responsibly. It’s a must add for everyone! Looking forward to more!

Love this listen!
This is such an uplifting podcast! I really enjoyed the recent episode! Great job!

Be*do=have having meaning listening to the awesome podcast!!!!

These podcasts could transform your life!
Malvin has a way of explaining concepts using stories and metaphors that capture exactly what you need to learn. If you understand and PRACTICE his teachings, it will transform your life and you will see amazing results. This podcast is a fun and easy listen. Congratulations Malvin, for continuing to explore new ways to share your wisdom.

Incredible value
I was blown away with the concepts Malvin talks about. I can’t wait for more learning.

Amazing perspective that works !
So I have to say for a first podcast this is amazing. My wife and I listened to it and I can’t wait for the next one. It is so true that you have to Be first ! Don’t expect to have without Being. Way to go Malvin ! Keep it up and excited to hear episode two.

Long time Friend and Excellent Mentor
As a personal long time friend of Mr. Malvin Young, I can honestly say that he practices what he preaches, and as a result, has become very successful in many if not all aspects of his life. A real authentic human being, an honest man of integrity and determination who wants nothing more than to share his knowledge with everyone because it has made such a positive impact on his life and the lives of the people he has shared this knowledge with. I’m honoured to know him both as a friend and as a professional. - Shannon C.