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Nov. 16, 2020

Episode #13 - You Are Stuck In The Reality Illusion

Episode #13 - You Are Stuck In The Reality Illusion

You may not know it but we are all stuck in a reality illusion.  Just by understanding what the reality illusion is you can transcend everything that is going on in the world today and use your energy to focus on the more important things in life.  No more left vs right, no more dealing with right and wrong, no more one is better than the other, no more unnecessary arguments.  If we can't transcend the reality illusion the future will be filled with more chaos and stress for you.  This is not designed to scare you but rather to help you break free within your own thinking and actions so you create a better life for you and your family.

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Welcome to be x do = have a simple formula to Uncomplicate your life. My name is Malvin Young. I'm a speaker entrepreneur and brand partnership manager with a well-known TV production company. This show is about a straightforward formula that I've used to coach hundreds of people over the last 15 years to overcome many challenges. Personally, I don't like to coach on any area of life that I haven't improved on myself. So lucky for you. I've had to overcome big challenges in the areas of relationship, finances, health, anxiety, and depression. Then after a crazy car accident, I had to do it all over again. I'm really excited about this show today, because what I'm about to share with you is made a huge impact on my life. And more importantly, I've seen many others who have practices methods, breakthrough barriers that have been holding them back their entire lives. Also, please subscribe to get the most value out of this podcast. As each episode we'll build on each other.


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Thank you so much for doing that. Welcome to episode number 13, you are stuck in the reality illusion. I cannot wait to talk about this topic today because it really truly made a huge difference in my life, just by understanding a new perspective, uh, about how we operate and how we see the world and how the world is occurring to us individually alters our performance, our actions, our behaviors on a daily basis. And I think the timing of this conversation probably couldn't be better because I want to put it into a context of what's going on in the world today. As we're all aware, the world has really been divided in many different topics in political, there's a left and a right where the left truly believes what they believe in, and they believe that they're completely correct. And the right also is in the same situation. They believe in his right to them, and it just makes absolute complete sense to them. However, I really want to point out the reality illusion that all people are really under today. We're not really seeing, um, the truth because of how we're perceiving what's going on, and we're tying our emotions and our morals and our beliefs into it all. And we're enhancing, uh, further left and right, my hope today is to help you understand the reality of illusion so that you can transcend above what's going on


And utilize all that energy


That's being sucked up from right and wrong left and right. Um, and, and a whole bunch of other topics that people are focusing on in the world today. Now, I don't want to take away what you believe in and what you stand for. I want to help you see what's going on. So you can see the nonsense that is that people are participating in and really pull yourself away from it, transcend it and, and take better action. That actually makes a difference for the world, as opposed to continuing the fight, continuing to enhance and support the divide that's happening in the world. So I really hope that you take what you learned today and apply it to yourself. So you can get your energy back, feel better about what you do on a daily basis and take the appropriate actions to truly make a difference.


How I first discovered the reality illusion is through a book and it's called the three laws of performance, amazing book. I'm going to leave the details in the show notes, so you can check it out, downloaded by the book. Uh, it's just amazing because it will alter your perception of literally almost everything you've been taught thus far in a very positive way. So let's talk a little bit about this, a reality illusion, uh, how I'm going to do this podcast today is I'm going to read a part of the book to you called the first law performance. This section it's called the first law performance, and it really breaks down the reality illusion. So let me go ahead and start reading this to you. And then I'm going to break it down into a context that we can understand, uh, in today's world and how we can, uh, digest this and, and, uh, use it again to get our energy back and focus on the things that are more important in our lives.


So I'm going to read the first law performance here to you. Um, and I may stop and kind of throw a couple inserts in there, but it will later break it down a little bit further. So the first law of performance, how people perform correlates to how situations occur to them. Now that statement alone is very deep. And the rest of what I'm going to read to you is very deep as well. You may want to go back and listen to it a second third time. I mean, I've read this over and over and over again, uh, to the point where it altered the way I view things, and it's completely freed me from a lot of the nonsense. I get to have fun with everything that's going on, uh, in the world, as opposed to really being weighted down by it. And, you know, not only fun, get to learn from it and grow from it again, rather than it weighing you down and stressing you out and causing, you know, additional, unnecessary stress in your life.


So how people perform correlates to how situations occur to them. One thing to understand about that sentence as well is that the world is occurring differently for each of us. The way we see situations are completely different from person to person. We have to understand that I'm going to read a little deeper here to break that down for you. The first law performance answers the question, why do people do what they do? And you know what? There's countless books and theories and models on this topic, but most of them provide explanations, but don't alter your performance. They just kind of explain why people do this, or why people do that, uh, or how a big achievers achieve this, but they don't directly alter your performance directly. So consider that when we do something, it always makes complete sense to us. Now that's a true statement having to yourself, like, I mean, when you're doing something, you don't question it, you take your experiences and you just do what you do and not make sense to you based on your experiences.


But on the other hand, when others do something, we often question, why did they do that? It doesn't make any sense, but if we truly got into the world of that person, I mean, truly got into the world of that person. I don't mean like get in their shoes. You know, a lot of people say, Hey, you know, I'm going to get into your shoes and kind of look at the world. But if you got into that person's world, their past experiences, their outlook on life, the way that the world occurs to them, and you looked at how that same situation occurred to him or her, we would experience that the same actions that we were questioning were completely and absolutely the perfect and correct thing for him or her to do, given how the situation is occurring to that person. Each person assumes that the way things occur for him or her is how they are occurring for another.


But situations occurred differently for each person not realizing this can make another person actions, like seem out of place. You've all seen this on a daily basis. Heck I've done this. I've questioned people. Like, why are you doing that? And I make them feel wrong, but the reality is I'm not in their world. So I don't know. So think about that for a moment. How often are we looking at other people's actions, things that they do and we're judging them without being in their world. So, in fact, your perspective is itself is in itself part of the way in which the world is occurring to you, how situations occur, includes your view of the past, why things are the way they are and the future, we're all things are going. So think about that. You and I, we just see things differently. Why, because we have a different paths, a different upbringing, a different set of experiences, different set of education, different culture, different views.


So therefore we don't see things the same way automatically. And that's okay. The first law rejects the common sense view of actions that people do, what they do in situations because of a common understanding of the facts. Think about that. If you and I come from a different culture and have different experiences in life, how can we have a common understanding of the facts? We don't. We have a different view of the facts and that is okay. We just need to understand it. So here's the reality, a illusion here, when people relate to each other as if each is dealing with the same set of facts, they have fallen into the reality illusion. Think about the political world today, the left and the right that you're seeing in the United States right now. Okay. They believe that the topics that they're talking about, people I'm talking about, people in general, not the, not the president or the, the running president, I'm talking about people, they are looking at the topics as if they have the same set of facts.


Like for example, they're looking King at, um, energy for the country as if they the same set of facts. Well, the reality is they don't have the same facts. Some are very undereducated when it comes to the, the topic of, uh, energy for the country and some are highly educated and, and some of them have different views about what the future of energy should look like. But the, the reality is here is that they're under an, a reality illusion because remember this, when people relate to each other, as if each is dealing with the same set of facts, they have fallen into the reality illusion, think about the debates that happen. Both parties are under a reality illusion. They both think that they know that they're, that they're looking at like energy, for example, the same way as if there's a common set of facts about how energy should be running for the United States of America.


But the reality is it occurs differently for each of those people, as well as all of the people in the United States or around the world to see the reality illusion at work, think of a person you aren't happy with at this moment, perhaps someone you've been resenting for years in your mind, you know, think of the words that best. Describe that person. You may say, self-centered, doesn't listen, opinionated, any rational. You might be willing to swear on a stack of Bibles, that those words are accurate, but notice you've described how that person occurs to you as human beings. What we see is just the way it is. So we think we see things as they are in the moment, and we make up assumptions on them. There's no truth behind them. Consider this. How would that person describe you? Or in the terms we're using here, how do you occur for him or her?


Perhaps you may occur opinionated, angry and resentful. So as you can see, this gets us stuck in the reality illusion. And we're not suggesting that either of you are right or wrong, but rather pointing out the reality illusion at work. None of us see things as they are. We see how occurred to us individually. And that's what we see is just the way it is. We just see it that way. We see how things occur to us individually, based on our experiences, our education, our culture, our values and beliefs. We never see the truth. We only see it through those filters. And that in itself is a reality illusion. So, you know, to put this in more into today's context, you know, I heard a story before about a gentleman who came from another culture and he ran into a gun store and I don't know which country this was in, but he ran into the gun store because what was happening, um, to him at the moment, what was occurring for him, that individual was that he had a wife in the car and she was in labor.


And he was freaking out because the baby was coming out. He ran into the gun store. And because he didn't speak the language of the people in the gun store, he only, he was a forerunner to that country. He was yelling in his language that yelling actually create it like a threat for the people that were in the gun store that worked there, their, their situation, how the situation was occurring to them is that they have this foreign person screaming and yelling in a gun store. And therefore they felt threatened to the point where they pulled a gun out on this person. They pointed the gun at the person. The person continued to yell, could not communicate in English. They didn't speak to that, that language. And because he increasingly got more and more angry and frustrated trying to communicate that his wife was having a baby in the car and needed help.


He got shot. He died. This is a true story. I wanted to give you the extreme here, because I want you to understand the world was occurring, completely occurring, sorry, completely different for both parties, completely different. And therefore violence. Somebody died. A child was born in a car and never got to meet his father all because truth cannot be seen when we're stuck in the reality illusion. I know this is an extreme scenario, but let me give you another scenario. When I worked with companies on business culture, I liked to do a live demonstration of the reality illusion at work, live with people. And it's fascinating. What I would do is I would take two people. I'd get them to volunteer and I'd have them stand up in front of the room. And when, on have them stand up, I would take a mug, just a mug that you drink coffee out of or tea.


And I, uh, would point I would have the one person hold up the mug and point the handle towards them, actually, sorry. I would stand up in the middle of them holding the mug up, pointing the handle towards one person. And the other person couldn't see the handle. All they saw was what looked like a cup. So I would now ask the person on the left to explain what they see in front of me. And they would explain the cup and say, Oh, I see, uh, you know, a white mug and it has a handle on it. Then there's a picture on there. And they would continue to describe what they're seeing. I would just say, go ahead and describe now the person on the right side of me would, I asked them to describe what they see. And they would say, I see, you know, a cup on your hand.


I see, uh, kind of the side of the picture there. And they would continue describing like the height of it and, you know, uh, et cetera, they were just whatever they can see. However, the person on the laugh started saying, wait a minute, you don't see the handle. Like there's a handle on there. So the difference was one can see the handle one can't and I got them to continue to debate why they were right. And it was amazing how heated the conversation got, how one would even call the other like, Hey man, you would have to know there's a handle on the other side. The other guy would say, I can't see it though. So like, I can only describe what I see. And the argument kind of went back and forth, but again, the mug was occurring different for each of them based on what they see in front of them.


And guys, this is what we're seeing in the world today. We, the news and we think heck like, yeah, what I'm seeing there is rights based on how it's occurring to them, stacked up to their morals, values, beliefs, cultural upbringing, background experiences, and the way they see the future. Another person sees the same news, but experiences, it occurs differently to them based on their past experience, beliefs, cultural upbringing, uh, and how they see the future. Who's right. And who's wrong. Neither of them, the reality is that's not how to discover the truth. Truth are usually based on facts. And we have to watch out today because the way facts are presented could be slanted as well. So none of this has to do with elections. What I'm talking about here, although it's just a perfect example of what's going on. And if we, as human beings can transcend this kind of thinking and start looking at facts and truths from a different perspective, that honors everyone's different view of the world and view of the facts.


We would get somewhere a heck of a lot quicker. We would save a lot of our own personal energy and we'd be able to spend time on things that are more important to us. So my hope today is that you go back and listen to this podcast over and over to really understand the reality illusion, to really understand how you yourself are stuck in it, me too. But the only way to transcend it is to stop, recognize it and move past it and understand that you're not dealing with true facts. You're not dealing with truth. You're dealing with reality illusion. I really hope this helps you transcend what's going on in the world. Still continue to stand for what you believe is right, but eliminate all the fighting, eliminate all the arguing and less get focused on things that are more important and maybe new strategies that honor all views and allow people to make better decisions for their own countries, for their own people and for themselves going forward.


I really hope you got a lot of value from today. If you know, and you do know other people who are stuck in the reality illusion, please share this podcast. This is the one that I'm going to push the most to say, share shares, share, because the more people that can understand this, obviously the more peaceful the world can be. Imagine if we can all take this lesson, all of us each and every one of us understand that we're stuck in this reality illusion and start creating new processes so that we can view things, um, in a better way and debate things in a better way and make better decisions for ourselves and humanity. And just in a better way. I don't know what that way is. I just know that by transcending, this reality illusion, new ways will emerge for us. So please share


If you hadn't had an opportunity yet to, um, leave a review, please do. So because the more reviews that are left on the podcast, it allows, uh, the podcast to reach more people, uh, and sharing this message. And I do want to say again, I've been saying this on all of my podcasts. I am so grateful for all the sharing. Uh, the feedback I've been getting from people, uh, the podcast is just growing exponentially, uh, the numbers. And it's, it's just amazing to see because, um, people are looking at improving themselves, but most importantly, like we're trying to improve the world overall. And I think by getting stuck into this kind of thinking, especially where doing more harm to the world than we are help. So please again, share a thank you for listening. Have a wonderful day, have a wonderful week. And until next time have a great one. Take care. Bye.